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Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry
Tree Service Provided by Artmire:
* Tree Preservations
* Emergency Tree Services
* Controlled Removals
* Professional Tree Pruning
* Property Enhancement
* Stump Removal
* Conservation Projects
* Tree Selection & Planting
* Arborist Consultation


We have 24/7 Emergency Tree Service in East Texas. 

Assessments are used for various reasons. Property owners may want an assessment to use in the sale of their property. The property owner or the insurance company may request an assessment for an insurance claim. Many of us simply want a complete detailed physical for our property, with a recommended maintenance program.

Hazard – Health Assessments

Everyone with trees, and most importantly all public properties, should have a regular assessment, if for no other reason than safety and liability. Anywhere people walk, jog, bike, play or even drive thru or beneath trees needs to be inspected by a certified arborist who is experienced and knowledgeable. The tree may look alive but it may be in such a state of hazard that it could come down any day with any wind.

Dead and dying are not the only hazardous trees.  We are often contacted to prune a large trophy tree, which is on a property with a high volume of traffic from both people and vehicles. When the arborist arrives he detects decay not visible to the untrained eye.  He then makes a pruning cut to validate his diagnosis. At times, trees appears to be alive when indeed the inside is hollow with decay.  In other words, an accident ready to happen. No one wants to loose a fabulous, big tree. Trees which have regular assessments over the years have a far, far greater chance of long, lasting health. Do not take the risk.

Diagnosis – Treatment

Micro-injection is a precise and direct method which delivers pesticides, antibiotics, nutrients and fungicides to trees and shrubs which have become infected with various diseases. An exact dose of systemic chemicals is injected directly into the vascular system of the tree. There is no loss of active ingredient to the soil, drift or runoff and no risk of pesticide exposure to humans or animals. This method provides effective and efficient control of serious tree and shrub diseases. Having been universally tested and used by the USDA-APHIS, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other public and private entities, this method provides direct treatment with the least exposure and waste. Valuable trees can be treated individually without disruption to property owners or the public.

Artmire’s has been battling disease and infestation for 20 years and counting. We can provide season long control for many insects.

Damage Mitigation

Trees are often involved in damage issues. Usually a tree, or limb, falls and causes harm or damage to people, structures, vehicles etc. When these occasions arise a Certified Arborist is requested to inspect and determine the cause of incident, evaluate the state of health of the tree prior and present and to determine the prognosis or value of the tree.

Pre-Construction Assessments

We have all seen and heard the commercials “call before your dig”. Arborist wish everyone knew to “call before you dig, or change anything in the area, or path of natural water flow to existing trees.”  Every year, particularly in the spring, we receive several calls about dying trees, often times very valuable trees to the property owners. Unfortunately, by the time the tree manifest signs of decline it is usually to late to be saved. The very first questions we ask are about construction, digging and changes to the flow of run-off. Always contact an arborist prior to any type of changes or construction. Our arborist will be happy to consult with you and your contractor to pre-plan and work together in order to save that trophy tree.

Each and every project is different. Your Arborist will consult with you and/or your contractor. After he determines your desires, including structures, underground utilities, irrigation, driveway, sidewalks, water flow from all areas around the property as well as your own; he will then evaluate your property in order to determine if your construction plans will be compatible with the existing trees.

Please check out DID YOU KNOW, for detailed information on do’s and don’ts for tree health.

Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry

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