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Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry
Tree Service Provided by Artmire:
* Tree Preservations
* Emergency Tree Services
* Controlled Removals
* Professional Tree Pruning
* Property Enhancement
* Stump Removal
* Conservation Projects
* Tree Selection & Planting
* Arborist Consultation

Tree Preservation Services

We have 24/7 Emergency Tree Service. 

Trees are large, biological organisms. We take great pride in caring for and managing your tree inventory to keep them in the best of health, including safety and liability issues. Our Arborist will inspect, evaluate, and custom design a healthy maintained program for your specific species, soil and location. This does not mean a weekly expense. A proper program is designed to save time, money, and promote a healthy tree.

Soil Situation

A good number of tree preservation projects, at some point during the project, require addressing the soil situation. 

Try to visualize our soil as being a living organism, consisting of living organisms.  It needs air, food and protection.  A tree growing in a soil structure lacking any or all of these will definitely suffer, fall into a state of stress and gradually decline to a hazard tree needing removal. 

Cabling and Bracing

Estimates are free

Certain trees require bracing or cabling. However each individual situation must be inspected and assessed. I personally prefer over engineering, as opposed to inadequate.

This procedure should only be performed by, or under the direction, of an arborist. Simply throwing a wire or rope around the limb, or tree, is not a good solution. The species of tree is considered, along with growth rate, size of trunk or limb and expected growth. Many factors will dictate which best brace-cable system is suited for the tree and it’s continuing growth.

Our arborist will also recommend whether the tree is a good candidate for this procedure. There are times when the state and condition of the tree is unfavorable, and the procedure does not justify the time and expense.

Micro-Injection & Insect Control

Micro-Injection is a precise and direct method that delivers pesticides, antibiotics, nutrients and fungicides to trees and shrubs through an exact dose of systemic chemicals directly to the vascular system of the tree.  There is no loss of active ingredient to the soil, drift or runoff and no risk of pesticide exposure to people and animals.  This method provides effective and efficient control of serious tree and shrub diseases.  This system has been universally tested and used by the USDA-APHIS, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other public and private entities.  It provides direct treatment with the least exposure and waste.  Valuable trees can be treated individually without disruption to property owners or the public. 

Artmire's has been battling disease and infestation for 20 years and counting.  We can provide season long control for many insects.

Canopy Reduction

You should never top a tree, this procedure is harmful to the tree. Artmire's can help you choose a course of action that will lower the height of the canopy to increase light to the lower area without harming the trees. This may also be recommended for clearance if there are structures and power-lines in the area.

Canopy Raising

Canopy raising is performed when additional clearance is needed beneath trees for reasons such as mowing, walking, children’s play sets and toys, structures, auto parking and even the big boy toys.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is available for trees and shrubs. Stumps are not only unsightly, you may desire to prepare for a re-plant or even as a hazard prevention, particularly if you have little athletes running through the property.

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Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry

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