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Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry
Tree Service Provided by Artmire:
* Tree Preservations
* Emergency Tree Services
* Controlled Removals
* Professional Tree Pruning
* Property Enhancement
* Stump Removal
* Conservation Projects
* Tree Selection & Planting
* Arborist Consultation

Tree Removal Services

We have 24/7 Emergency Tree Service. 

Unfortunately there are times when removal is necessary. Tree removal is a dangerous job in every aspect. Artmire’s has removed thousands of HAZARD, and AT RISK trees across the entire East Texas area over the past 2 decades.

 We personally prefer the word controlled removals as we preplan the complete removal ahead of time. Each tree is different, the size, location of tree, proximity to structures, over-head wires and many other factors must be taken into consideration prior to the removal in order for us to control the removal process. Our professional, experienced team are well trained and most have been with us 10 years plus. Working side by side for a long period of time has greatly enhanced our safety record.

Even with complete and full insurance coverage, we each take our responsibilities very seriously, especially safety which is always first and foremost in everything we do.

There are several means by which a tree can be safely removed, depending on the location, structures, overhead lines and most importantly the condition of the tree.  Our arborist will always choose the proper procedure to insure the safety of the removal. In most cases we utilize our skilled climber and ground crew. When this method is used the climber has a safety harness, rigging gear and support equipment. Some trees are so large the assist of bucket truck and in some cases a crane assist is necessary.

If the Arborist deems the tree unsafe, such as cases of severe decay, or structural defect, he will always choose an alternative safe method.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

  1. If you suspect you have a dead or dying tree, do not wait until it becomes a problem for you or your neighbors. If your tree falls on your house, your insurance may or may-not cover the damages depending on the policy and condition of the tree. If the tree falls on your neighbor, it is your responsibility for the clean-up and damages. Again insurance may or may-not cover these charges.

  2. Don’t be deceived. Just because a tree looks “OK”, does not make it true. We see many trees which to the untrained eye look fine. Bark looks healthy, leafs are green. Here are a few tattle tale signs. If you see mushrooms, conks, fungi on the stump or the main stem of the tree, you should call immediately. Other reasons for removal maybe canopy showing excessive decline, excessive cavities and structural flaws, extremely close proximity to structures, thinning to allow development of more desirable trees, nuisance, and clearing for new construction.

  3. If you observe any of the following call immediately.

  • Canopy showing excessive decline

  • Mushrooms, conks, fungi on stump , roots, root collar or main stem of tree

  • Excessive cavities and structural flaws

  • Excessive lean

  • Lightning damage




Our primary service areas include:

  • Tyler, TX
  • Longview, TX
  • Bullard, TX
  • Whitehouse, TX
  • Flint, TX
  • Winona, TX
  • Jacksonville, TX
  • Troup, TX
  • Mineola, TX
  • Athens, TX
  • Rusk, TX
  • Frankston, TX
  • Henderson, TX
  • Lake Tyler
  • Lake Tyler East
  • Lake Palestine, TX
Tree Services - Tyler, Texas - Artmire Urban Forestry

Artmire's Urban Forestry, Tree Service, Tyler, TX

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